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Information Technology Management
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Ron Babin

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Chapter 01Management Information Systems Business Driven MISChapter 01Management Information Systems Business Driven MISTrueFalse Questions 1 Companies today are successful when they combine the power of the information age with traditional business methods TrueFalse 2 Competitive intelligence is information collected from multiple sources such as suppliers customers competitors partners and industries that analyzes patterns trends and relationships for strategic decision making TrueFalse 3 The information age is the present time during which infinite quantities of facts are widely available to anyone who can use a computer TrueFalse 4 Technology provides countless business opportunities but can also lead to pitfalls and traps for a business TrueFalse 5 Top managers use social intelligence to define the future of the business analyzing markets industries and economies to determine the strategic direction the company must follow to remain unprofitable TrueFalse 6 A variable is a business intelligence characteristic that stands for a value that cannot change over time TrueFalse11Chapter 01Management Information Systems Business Driven MIS7 Companies update business strategies continuously as internal and external environments change TrueFalse 8 For an organization to succeed every department or functional area must work independently to be most effective TrueFalse 9 Porters Five Forces Model outlines the process for a sales strategy TrueFalse 10 With the Five Forces Model companies should watch the forces in the market If the forces are strong competition generally increases and if the forces are weak competition typically decreases TrueFalse 11 Successful companies today operate crossfunctionally integrating the operations of all departments TrueFalse 12 An overview of systems thinking includes input process output and finances TrueFalse 13 MIS is a tool that is most valuable when it leverages the talents of people who know how to use and manage it effectively TrueFalse 12Chapter 01Management Information Systems Business Driven MIS14 The chief technology officer is responsible for ensuring the security of business systems and developing strategies and safeguards against attacks from hackers and viruses TrueFalse 15 A leadership plan that achieves a specific set of goals or objectives is a business strategy TrueFalse 16 When a company is the first to market with a competitive advantage it gains a particular benefit known as competitive intelligence TrueFalse 17 Over the past decade the United States has lost an estimated 24 million factory jobs to Nepal TrueFalse 18 Two ways to reduce buyer power is through switching costs and loyalty programs TrueFalse 19 Mark Peterson identified the Porters Five Forces Model which analyzes the competitive forces within a business environment TrueFalse 20 There are many challenges to changing doctors including transferring medical records and losing the doctor patient relationship along with the doctors knowledge of the patients history Changing doctors provides a great example of switching costs TrueFalse 13
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