itm 100 final exam questions

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Claude Sam- Foh

ITM 100Summer 2011Tue 9Aug2011 from 600 PM to 800 PMClaude SamFohSection FA0 TuesdayThursdayFinal examEssay questions two will be presented to the student10 marks each1Define the terms ERP and CRM How might they be used to enhance business value 4 marksProvide an example of each using at least two of the cases discussed in class4 marksWhat are some of the deadly sins see ERP article 2 marks article six deadly sins of architecture2Database Management Systems DBMS is a collection a collection of software that allows users to create and work with a databaseDescribe the role of a DBMS 2 marks Pick 4 of the following 5 terms related to DBMS and describe why the term is important in the context of businesses8 marks Data hierarchyRelational Data ModelsD
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