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MIDTERM ESSAY: Question & Answer

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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Ron Babin

ITM100 Midterm ExamEssayQuestion and Answer for Essay portion of the Midterm Exam Question 1 Consider the Value Chain model by Michael PorterBriefly describe the model and then using Ryerson University as an example discuss how value is achievedFinally in your opinion and again referencing the model discuss whether or not you believe that Ryerson has a sustainable competitive advantage Answerthe Value Chain Model is a connected series of activities each of which adds value or supports the addition of value to the firms goods or service every organization needs the necessary materials input to make the goods or services process to complete a transaction with a customer output this is either a primary or support activity Ryerson admission process is an example of the value chainStep 1 information about accessing resource guides for Ontario UniversitiesStep 2 with the internet we are able to check status sheet to make sure information was correct ex 40 hour volunteerStep 3 surf the internet to research programs and requirements for post secondary programs of our interestStep 4 applied to universities though OUAC Ontario university application centre Step 5 Ryerson portal page designed to keep track of the admission process and important information that students should be aware ofStep 6 RAMMS is one of the many information systems used by Ryerson it makes it easier to select courses view and pay fees before due dates value chain is a useful tool for defining an organizations core process that it can use to a sustained competitive advantage over its competitorsQuestion 2 Using the cases discussed in class describe an information system Using an example describe how the information system provides value to the organization and the stakeholders that use itAnswer information system is an organized collection of people information business process and information technology designed to transform inputs into outputs to achieve a goal information system is more than a computer business designs information systems to achieve goals through the timely and appropriate application of technology is important to our life without these systems our life would be significantly different there are many types of information systems that are used to create business value One of the many systems is a TPStransaction processing systemTPS captures and process transactions to make them available to the organizationExample when you purchase something at a retail store there are many components within a TPSSales records are gathered barcode is scanned inputData is added to sales database processProduct is sold outputData is the bar code data
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