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Information Technology Management
ITM 102
Catherine Middleton

Chapter 1- Work with Databases and Create Tables  A database is a structured collection of related information about people, events, and things.  A security warning may display so that you can verify that the database file came from a trusted source. In the Navigation pane, several database objects are listed.  The Navigation Pane can display the objects by type. Database objects---or objects---are the basic parts of a database that you work with.  Database objects work together to provide a database management system (DBMS)---software used to manage and interact with the database. The purpose of each database object is summarized as follows: Table-store the data in rows and columns. Form-enter new records, delete records, or update existing records. Query-display a subset of the data in response to a specific question. Report-display table data or query results on the screen or in printed form. Macro-store a sequence of commands that can be performed as one task.  Databases store information in tables by organizing data into rows and columns.  You can open tables to view the data that it stores and then make changes to that data.  The table---the database object that stores the data---open in Datasheet view. A datasheet displays records in rows and fields in columns similar to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. A record is the collection of related information that displays in a single row of a database table, and a field is a set of common characteristics around which a table is organized.  With Access objects, design changes should be saved.  When you change data, the new data is saved automatically when you click or navigate to a different record.  AutoNumber---a field that automatically enters a unique, numeric value when a record is created. The number is assigned as soon as you begin adding data to a new record. Once an AutoNumber value has been assigned, it cannot be changed. When your AutoNumber values differ from the ones shown in figures, do not try to change yours to match.  Access forms are created so that you can modify or add to the data stored in tables.  The Form tool creates a form for the table that you selected in the Navigation Pane.  Most forms use the single form layout, a layout that displays one record at a time.  You can cancel entering data into a new record by pressing ESC. This technique is helpful when you are entering data into a record, and you need to start over.  Recall that data is saved automatically as you complete each record. Access had already saved the data that you entered, and it did not ask you to save changes when you closed the form.  A query displays a subset of the data in response to a specific question.  Queries are modified in Design view---a view in which the structure and behaviour of Access database objects are modified---and they display their results in Datasheet view.  Queries display the subset of data in Datasheet view.  The upper half of the Query tab----the query design workspace----lists the available tables and fields that the query should use.  The lower half of the Query tab----the design grid----lists the fields that will display in the query results.  In Access, criteria are the conditions used to select the records that you are looking for.  When a query criterion is a text value, the text value needs to be in quotation marks.  When you widen datasheet columns or change query criteria, you need to save the changes.  Reports display the results of a query or the data in a table.  Reports are often printed and cannot be used to change data.  When you first create a report using the Report tool, it displays in Layout view---a view used to format a report or a form while being able to view a sample of the data.  The dashe
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