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Catherine Middleton

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Name: Aaina Jaiswal Student Number: 500508476 Behavioural targeting is a way of tracking the individuals' habits by knowing and understanding the clicks by these individuals on thousands of websites. This helps the enterprises understand their interests and expose them to the advertisements according to it. It can also help understand the consumer's purchase patterns and the companies can charge them with the prices which can increase the sales of their products. As a result of its high use by other marketers, it is sure that this is the best way to increase the sales of the company. The simplest type of behavioural targeting is retargeting. This method has also been extremely precise and effective. While this process allows several ads to appear on the server's webpage, it is highly profitable for these companies because these users get attracted towards these ads and this results as a result in the projection of revenue for these companies. If the companies increase the effectiveness of showing the right types of ads to the interested users, there can be high numbers of users resulting in a high number of sales for the company, " Microsoft says the system should increase the effectiveness of online advertising by showing ads to interested people. For example, a person researching stock prices may get an ad for brokerage services." Behavioural targeting helps companies to better serve customers. "Behavioural targeting represents a technological solution for what all marketers strive for: better understanding of the customer to ensure a more positive, extended brand relationship leading to greater sales . Just be sure the message is relevant and in sync with the total marketing mix," this is just an indication for any company to keep this is mind before using behavioural targeting that the content that's being delivered is relevant which can help achieve greater response from the consumers. While this way of selling their services can provide ample of advantages, it has got some of the disadvantages of course because it violent the privacy of such consumers who are willing to pay for whatever price the company are presenting their products with. If a company want to never lose this practice of earning profit, they should have the courage to tell their customers of how they were targeted which is how they have come across to their product or service. This may
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