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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 102
Vikraman Baskaran

Question 1 The Internet can make competitive advantage Answer: 
 disappear very quickly because virtually all companies can use this technology.
 Question 2
 In the value chain model, primary activities are most directly related to the production and distribution of the firm's products and services that create value for the customer Answer: True
 Question 3
 Political resistance is one of the great difficulties of bringing about organizational change. Answer: True
 Question 4 
 Information systems and organizations influence one another. 
 Answer: True
 Question 5 
 Which of the following statements is NOT true about information technology's impacts on business firms? 
 It helps firms expand in size.
 Question 6 
 Standard operating procedures are precise rules, procedures, and practices that have been developed to cope with virtually all expected situations. 
 Answer: True
 Question 7
 In an efficient customer response system, digital answering systems are used to monitor and respond to customer inquiries.
 Answer: False 
 Question 8 
 Marie has developed a unique patented process to manufacture metal picture frames. This unique process allows Marie to use less raw materials and less labour than her competitors. Marie is utilizing which source of competitive advantage?
 low-cost leadership
 Question 9 
 A virtual company
 uses the capabilities of other companies without being physically tied to those companies.
 Question 10
 A global sales force can receive nearly instant price product information updates using the Web or instructions from management sent by e-mail.
 Answer: True
 Question 11 
 The four major types of competitive strategy are
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