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Information Technology Management
ITM 102
Vikraman Baskaran

Question 1 

Web services can exchange information between two different systems regardless of the operating system or programming languages on which the systems are based Answer: True
 Question 2

SaaS refers to Answer: hosting and managing access to software applications delivered over the Internet to clients on a subscription basis.
 Question 3 

Software that manages the resources of the computer is called
operating system software. Question 4
 Enterprise integration requires software that can link disparate applications and enable data to flow freely among different parts of the business. Answer: True 
Question 5

Your firm needs to implement electronic timesheet software and needs to keep within a small budget. Which of the following would be the most costly method of implementing this new software?
programming the new software in-house
 Question 6

The new mobile platform also includes small low-cost lightweight "subnotebooks," called ________.
 Question 7

The mainframe market has grown steadily over the past decade.
 Answer: True
 Question 8
 Scalability refers to the ability of a computer, product, or system to expand to serve a large number of users without breaking down.
 Answer: True
 Question 9

One technology driver transforming IT infrastructure is the rapid decline in the costs of communication and the exponential growth in the size of the Internet Answer: True 
Question 10

Cost of lost productivity if hardware or software failures cause the system to be unavailable for processing and user tasks is called ________.
 Question 11

IT infrastructure technology is purely a set of physical devices and software applications that are required to operate the entire en
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