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Information Technology Management
ITM 207
Jim Tam

ITM 207 Ch 12 Notes Chapter 12 Information System: Software that helps the user organize and analyze data Spreadsheet: A program that allows the user to organize and analyze data using grid of cells Cell: An element of a spreadsheet that can contain data or a formula Spreadsheet Function: A computation provided by the spreadsheet software that can be incorporated into formulas Range: A set of contiguous cells specified by the end points Circular Reference: A set of formulas that ultimately, and erroneously, rely on each other to compute their results What-if-analysis: Modifying spreadsheet values that represent assumptions to see how changes in those assumptions affect related data. Database: A structured set of data Database management system: A combination of software and data made up of the physical database, the database engine, and the database schema Physical Database- A collection of files that contain the data Database Engine- Software that supports access to and medication of the database contents Database Schema- A specification of the logical structure of the data stored in the database. Database Query: A request to retrieve data from a database Relational Model: A database model in which data and the relationships among them are organized into tables Table: A collection of database records Record (or object, or entity): A collection of related fields that make up a single database entry Field (or Attribute): A single value in a database record Figure 12.6 the elements of a database management system ITM 207 Ch 12 Notes Key: One or more fields of a database record that uniquely identifies it among all other records in the table. We can express the schema for this part of the database as follows: Movie (MovieID: Key, Title, Genre, Rating) Structured Query Language (SQL): A comprehensive relational database language for data management and queries Select attribute-list from table-list where condition Name of field name of table value restriction Select Title from Movie where Rating = 'PG' Result is a table containing all PG movies in table Movie Entity-relationship (ER) modeling: A popular technique for designing relational databases ER Diagram: A graphical representation of a ER model Cardinality Constraint: The number of relationships that may exist at one time among entities in an ER diagram Figure 22.10 An ER diagram for the movie rental database Electronic Commerce: The process of buying and selling products and services using the World Wide Web CHAPTER 16 World Wide Web (Web): an infrastructure of information and the network software used to access it Web page: A document that contains or references various kinds of data Link: A connection between one web page and another Website: a collection of related web pages, usually designed and controlled by the same person or company ITM 207 Ch 12 Notes Web browser: A software tool that retrieves and displays web pages Web server: A computer set up to respond to requests for web pages Uniform Resource Language (URL): A standard way of specifying the location of a web page Figure 16.1 A bowser retrieving a web page Search Engine: A website that helps you find other websites Instant Messaging (IM): An application that allows people to send and receive messages in real time  Both sender and
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