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Information Technology Management
ITM 207
Jim Tam

Chapter 12 Information systemSoftware that helps the user organize and analyze data Electronic spreadsheets and database management systems Software tools that allow the user to organize manage and analyze data in various ways SpreadsheetA software application that allows the user to organize and analyze data using a grid of labeled cells A cell can contain data or a formula that is used to calculate a valueData stored in a cell can be text numbers or special data such as datesSpreadsheet cells are referenced by their row and column designation The power of spreadsheets comes from the formulas that we can create and store in cellsWhen a formula is stored in a cell the result of the formula is displayed in the cellIf weve set up the spreadsheet correctly we could add or remove tutorsadd additional weeks of datachange any of the data we have already stored and the corresponding calculations would automatically be updatedFormulas make use of basic arithmetic operations using the standard symbols 2and Spreadsheet functions Computations provided by the spreadsheet software that can be incorporated into formulas RangeA set of contiguous cells specified by the endpoints Circular referenceA set of formulas that ultimatelyrely on each other Possible tasks a spreadsheet could performTrack salesAnalyze sport statisticsMaintain student gradesKeep a car maintenance logRecord and summarize travel expensesTrack project activities and schedulesPlan stock purchasesSpreadsheets are also useful because of their dynamic nature which provides the powerful ability to do whatif analysisDatabaseA structured set of dataDatabase management system DBMS A combination of software and data made up of a physical database a database engine and a database schemaPhysical databaseA collection of files that contain the dataDatabase engineSoftware that supports access to and modification of the database contentsDatabase schemaA specification of the logical structure of the data stored in the databaseDatabase queryA request to retrieve data from a database
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