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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Maria Piccioni

Review questions for Midterm The Midterm covers all materials covered until the end of Module 6 including instructor’s additional notes, slides and end chapter questions. ▪ 30 Multiple choice questions (30 Marks). ▪ 1 Written question (with multiple questions a, b, c…) 15 Marks, the written question is mainly focused on concepts such as command prompts (e.g, DSADD), users and groups and the domain infrastructure questions. Topics include: 1. Domain Structure 2. Trust Relationship 3. Replication - multimaster (by default in win2K8) 4. Definition of :  Forest  Global Catalaog  Domain  Active Directory database 5. Tree 6. LDAP 7. Advantages of AD 8. Domain and DNS  Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) 9. Site  physical topology of TCP/IP Structure  Slow link <512 kbps 10. Server Installation & Hardware configurations 1. Types of MS Win2k3 servers and their functions 2. Before installation, use Winnt / check upgrade only  HCL 3. After installation  device manager and check for symbols like ?=unknown device, !=Device Driver problem, Red x= Device disabled
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