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Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

ITM 407 – Midterm Review: Importance of considering computer ethics -ethics is the process of determining how moral outcomes can be achieved -authors use the term “compute ethics” to determine the field that examines moral issues reflecting to computers and information technology -computer ethics might also suggest a field of study that is concerned with ethical issues affecting computer professionals -we should study computer ethics because doing so will make sure more responsible professionals and will teach us how to avoid computer abuse -there are 3 views on computer ethics: 1. Social: impact on society • Should address impact on social and human values such as health, relationships, privacy, ownership of work, social justice, government, democracy 2. Support IT Professionals: • Should focus on how they deal with day to day issues, especially software What is information and communication technology? Benefits and risks -is also known as cyber-technology -wide range of computing and communication devices, capable of accepting and storing information, performing mathematical calculations, retrieving, displaying and sending information -technologies are not limited to hand held devices such as PDA’s, cell phones, and personal computers -Local area network (LANs) and wide area network (WANs) are the most common and well-known examples of cyber-technology -ICT is capably of processing inputs or information to produce outputs or results -ICT is able to store large amount of data -Computers are now cheap which means many people have access to them therefore more risk of hacking, it is important to increase security such as firewalls, which will help mitigate the risk of hacking - example of ICT in the workplace would be Database Management Systems also known as DBSM • DBSM allows professionals to store/update data instead of having all the data on hard copy • Is usually used in clinics, hospitals and law offices (not limited too) • DBMS includes programs such as Microsoft Access and Oracle • This system provides benefits to the whole organization, such as; easy to make/reschedule appointments and very each to location/search information • Ethical/social concerns arise such as privacy threats because the amount of personal information that is exchanged, intellectual property • In order to secure the amount of information that is available, it is important to make sure the system is secure enough so no one is able to hack in Maner’s unique characteristics of computers and the benefits and risks they provide -Maner has argued that computing technology is uniquely fast, unique complex and uniquely coded -Storage: display information digitally -Malleability: capable of logically manipulating inputs to produce outputs -Complexity: ability to deal with more complexity than the human brain -Speed: fast calculations and distribution -Cost: wide availability -Ability to clone: exactly like the original -Discreteness: small changes don’t necessarily make a small impact -Coding: need the expertise and the technology to decode The Corporation, it’s stakeholders, their social responsibility -stakeholders are those who are affected by any situation or event -corporations is an association of individuals which is created by the law or under the authority of law which has continuous existence -one of the main problems is that corporations are willing to do anything in order to maximize their profits, for example: in the film “Corporations”, corporations were considered as an institution that meets the characteristics of a psychopath (disorder which is characterized as lack of empathy, remorse and emptions) -corporations should be good citizens, be ethical (do what is right, and fair), obey the law (law is society’s right and wrong), and be profitable which they are -by keeping in all the philanthropic, ethical and legal responsibilities in mind, corporations can overcome the ethical challenges and behavior -characteristics of a corporation is that they are powerful, hard to avoid, profit driven, influence individual lives -corporations are also a set of individuals who are working under the law, or under the authority of law -corporations have involved from industrialized era to more computerlized era • Industrialized ear: corporations were a set of people who were legally stated to do certain things/functions, there were very few corporations then -important for a corporations to consider stakeholders in the decision making because they have a right to know if they are doing a good job or not -Corporate social responsibility asks companies to be responsible for stakeholders other than shareholders - stakeholders such as employees, the market (suppliers and customers), the community and the environment - ICT helps companies in achieving their respons
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