Module 11 (answers to the questions)

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Read Huffs article on Unintentional Power in the Design of Computing Systems He describes the extra responsibility that comes with increased knowledge and the concept of unintentional power Read the story on the Therac25 both in his article and then follow the link to the historical backgroundHow does increased knowledge bring increased responsibility to designers of hardware and software especially in the case of the Therac25 Because the increased knowledge helps create softwareshardwares that requires extra precautionalso has lots of side effects such as dangers that the designers must take into account forTherac25 is used in hospitals for radiation therapy purposes o As this software was created by increased knowledgeable designers they have to take extra responsibility ensuring that their designed product runs smoothlyavoids any harm to any patient o The designers knew the radiation Therac25 generated could be harmful but still they were negligent in the initial design of the systemalso when following up on reports of malfunction o System like Therac25 deals with peopleused in a hospital system one silly mistake can injure or even kill a patient therefore it does take extensive knowledge to build such a system but with that those designers must also ensure that their increased knowledge is pu
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