Module 12 (answers to the questions)

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Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Read pg 155167 and be able to answer the following questionsWhat is cyberspace Cyberspace is the area where the online world meets it is considered a virtual space that contains all of the datainformation that resides in the connected servers that make up the Internet It is also considered a medium that has the manytomany relationship between users What is the difference between treating cyberspace as a public space versus treating it as a broadcast medium when we are trying to determine policies on using cyberspace When treating cyberspace as a public space there r good legalmoral reasons that we must follow to ensure everyone has access to it as it is a public propertyspace o Just like a public park everyone has the right to visit the park at any time of the day therefore if cyberspace is also considered a public space people must be given the same kind of freedomAnd when considering cyberspace as a broadcast medium there must be some sort of lawsrules that prevents displaying inappropriate materials to the general users o There must be policies that restrict some content to the everyday users as
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