Final Exam preparation (question 2)

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

2 Why is it important in the knowledge economy to protect intellectual property What is the intellectual capital at Buckman labs and how would you suggest they protect it How could this be applied to an organization of your choosing It is important because intellectual property is someones creative workinvention or innovation It takes a lot of effort to create something originalin order to maintain its originality it must be protected from illegal copying Also it is a natural right that should be given to individuals for the propertyproducts that result from the labour they spent in creating such a creative work or invention Additionally intellectual property should be protected since to encourage creatorsinventors to bring in more creative worksserve the society they must be guaranteed that their work is being protectednot copied or sold illegally The intellectual capitals at Buckman labs are its individual competence such as employees knowledgeexpertise internal structure such as the softwares it developed internally like KNetix system and finally external structure its relation with customerssuppliersThe way they can protect its individual competence is by providing its employees with benefitsbonuses that encourages them to stay with the companykeep using their knowledg
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