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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

1 The concepts of immoral moral and amoral behavior were introduced in the week 1 lectureFrom your reading with reference to figure 2 how would you describe and give examples of the differences in immoral moral and amoral managersImmoral Managers ITS WRONG o Managers takes the credit for the employees work o Installing a secret control box to improve efficiency and meet production targets o Lying stealing and cheating the employee o A manager that is dishonest towards their staff o Managers fires its staff because he or she doesnt like their face or religion o Manager sexually offends its staff member because of their sexual orientationMoral Managers Doing what is right because it is right o Take the blame not the credit o Listen to employees that work under the manager giving respect o Realizing the mistake and taking the blame o A manager that doesnt take bribe and stealing o Avoid anger and greedinesso Motivate employees for their great jobAmoral Managers not caring if something is right or wrong o Firing staffo Intentionally do wrong o Selfcentered and selfabsorbed o Care only about self or organizations profits o Actively oppose what is right fair or just o Exhibit no concern for stakeholders o Are the bad guys o An ethics course probably would not help them 2 In chapter 2 Tavani describes morality as a system of moral rules and prin
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