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Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Three Views of Privacy Accessibility Privacy Privacy is defined as ones physically being let alone or being free from intrusion into ones physical space Decisional Privacy Privacy is defined as freedom from interference in ones choices and decisionsInformational Privacy Privacy is defined as control over the flow of ones personal information including the transfer and exchange of that informationDescriptive Privacy Having Privacy Mary arrives in the computer lab at her university at 1100 PM to work on a paper that is due the next day No one else is in lab at the time that Mary arrives there and no one enters the lab until 1145 PM when Tomthe computer lab coordinatorreturns to close the lab for the evening As Tom enters he sees Mary typing on one of the PCs in the lab Mary seems startled as she looks up from her computer and discovers that Tom is gazing at her We could say that Mary had privacy in the descriptive or natural sense of the term because no one was physically observing her while she was in the lab When Tom entered and noticed that Mary was typing on a computer Mary lost her natural or descriptive privacy in that situation However we should not infer that her privacy was violated in this incident because a universitys computer lab is not the kind of situation or zone that is declared normatively private and thus protectedNormative Privacy the right to privacy Tom decides to follow Mary from a distance as she leaves the computer lab to return to her off
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