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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Read Huffs article on Unintentional Power in the Design of Computing Systems He describes the extra responsibility that comes with increased knowledge and the concept of unintentional power Read the story on the Therac25 both in his article and then follow the link to the historical background1 How does increased knowledge bring increased responsibility to designers of hardware and software especially in the case of the Therac25I think having knowledge increases the responsibility because the designers knew that the product is going to product lots of radiation and it is their responsibility to disclose the information to the customers for example both the hospital and the patientsNo disclosure causes the producers to be negligent2 What does Huff mean by unintentional power and why should we be aware of it as ICT solution providersUnintentional Power power to harm others in ways that are difficulthard to predict o the product is difficult to maintain and the users get confused and frustrated o We all have unintentional power associated with our actions whenever these actions have unintentional consequences ICT Solution providers should be more aware o The software might be used in environments that are more complex or more dangerous than those which it was initially designed o The people with the original power are removed from those who are affectedo The software may have be created for the purpose of a specific environment Coping with the Problem o Should look at from the user perspective o Recognize the problem and attempt to limit its domains o Use domain methods to inform yourself of these effects worth predicting o Make provision in the life cycle of software to look for the effectIn last weeks reading Brey suggested that we need to work at three levels in looking for potential ethical issues in cyber technologyFirst Disclose embedded features that have a moral importanceSecond Test these features against standard ethical theoriesThird Applystandard o
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