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Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Overview is software ethically neutral We are all aware of safety critical systems systems with a high risk of causing harm or damage if they fail airline flight control systems chemical production systems nuclear reactor monitoring systems However there are many other systems that because of poor user interfaces or inaccurate databases or evenunintentional business rules can also cause harm and damage Imagine the emergency dispatch system that has outdated maps and addresses of the local area that delay crews in responding to emergencies Or the emergency dispatch system that has poor business rules that determine how emergencies are prioritized resulting in death or increased harm And so given last weeks lecture who are the stakeholders and how could things have been done differently in the development and rollout of the Therac25Emergency patientsSocietyOperators of Therac 25 Regulating Commerce and Speech in Cyberspace We are uncomfortable about some of the content on the internet We are uncomfortable about some of the ways the internet is used Should the internet be regulatedWeckert suggests we consider whether it is even possible to regulate the internetwho should do it and how would they carry it out F
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