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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

1 What are the three different perspectives of Computer EthicsRead Chapter 1 pages 14 to 25 focusing specifically on Table 12Refer to the preceding pages for clarifications on the differences in the perspectives We are going to follow on Gotterbarns perspective that computer ethics should serve ICT professionalsTo this point we used a socialdescriptive perspective to see the impact of technology on society and after the midterm we will investigate issues from a philosophical perspective focusing on concepts of privacy property etc Ethical theory is concerned with establishing logically coherent and consistent criteria in the form of standards and rules for evaluating moral problems the principal aim of applied ethics is to analyze specific moral problems themselves through the application of ethical theoryo Examples of ethical theories utilitarian and rightsThe three different perspectives of Computer Ethics o Cyberethics as a Field of Professional Ethics pg 2023Professional Ethics is what IT Professionals can do with programs application and it is also looking from the professionals view pointThe focus of Cyberethics should be on issues of moral responsibility that affect computerIT professionals Gotterbarn suggests that id not the business of computer ethics to examine issues other than those that affect computer professionals Computer ethics research and inquiry should be shared by other practitioners in the discipline of computer sciencePeople say that a broader model in needed for the professional ethicsBecause computers are virtually everywhereDeborah Johnson 2000 believes that in the future computerrelated ethical issues such as privacy and intellectual property may become part of what she calls ordinary ethicso Cyberethics as a field of Philosophical Ethics moral and ethi
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