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Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Read the first reading on Intellectual Property and consider the following questionsWhat is property and how has our concept of property changed with intellectual propertyProperty originally referred to land but it now also includes objects that an individual can own such as car clothing or stamp collection Our concept has changed since there is no limitation to theof intellectual property one can own a MS Word can be copied multiple times but a land can have only 1 sole owner So there must some sort of laws that protects those intellectual property of owners Since now that people come up with great ideasinventions like MS Word their ideasknowledge must be protected so that it stays creativeoriginal and not being copied multiple times then the originality is goneDo you think that copying software is wrongPg 232 814 to pg 234 top Read the second reading on Intellectual Property that specifically focuses on softwareSpecifically refer to Table 82 and three different philosophical theories on why we should protect property We should protect property so that individuals can have right to the labour they put forth towards the creation of an art work or any other work that is unique o We should also protect property so that we can encourage in
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