Therac-25 Decision Analysis (Final Exam)

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Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Decision Analysis TemplateFacts grounds Stakeholders Impact RisksConsequencesMachine can provide 2 types of radiationShareholders of AECL may not invest any longerAELC may end up paying a lot of finestherapy Xrayelectron compensation to patients as they file lawsuitsPatients will lose trust from the hospitals where the against themIt relied heavily on the systems software accidents occurred since they were negligent in for controlling safety solving the issueTheir reputation will decline in the market as a result they might lose clients It malfunctioned by giving fatal dose ofOperators will probably be more reluctant in using radiation to patient new technology at hospitalsMay have to lay off employees in the companyNo warning or error message displayedTechnicians may lose jobs as they were notOther suppliers who supply parts to AECL may when malfunction occurred properly checking the issue of the machine suffer as well After first incident happened AECL didAECL may lose profit in future as hospitals might not conduct a full investigation not buy their productsTo keep costs under control Therac25 did not have interlocking which prevented accidental overdosesBackingsProfessional Standards RolesPolicies Virtues Rights Utility Duties Responsibilities CostBenefit AECL isAECL mustSoftwarePatients haveAECL mayAECL have aSoftware responsible ensure their developers the rights to have to pay duty of care developers of for the proper employees integritythe huge amounts towards its AECL must testing of the adhere to the honesty compensation of money in clients by accept full machine Software regarding they deserve compensation properly responsibility before being Engineering Therac25 from the harm to patientseducating for their own used publicly Code of technical they received them aboutAECL also work Ethicsissues must as a result of any issuesThey are also might to have Professional be the improper regarding theSoftware responsible to pay Practice communicateoperation of machine developers for notifying compensation d to the Therac25 must approve the hospitalsAECL must to hospitalsThey also hospital so softwares about also followPatients since they have duty of that more only if it is previous the FDA family have may lose care towards accidents safe meets problems with guidelinesright to future patients technicians doesnt occurspecifications machines government receive as result of engineerspasses rules AECL must compensation Therac25 operators byAECLs appropriate regulations of be honest in case patient training them softwareMay pay testsdoes machines regarding the died as a correctlydevelopers is extra fines to not harm the issues of result of educating responsibleOperators government userTherac25 Therac25 them about for addressing must also for not that happened the machineThey must the issues follow theOperators following in other inside out cooperate to once it Codes of also have the proper placesmust address public occurred after Conduct of right to regulationsAECL have 1of 4
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