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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Ken Grant

Group 7 - Managing a Group Project - Codes and Plan Codes of conduct 1. I will identify my skill set and volunteer for the task for which I think I am most suited. 2. I will finish all works that was assigned on time and do them with my best ability. 3. I will provide contact information such as phone number, email and other for contact purposes. 4. I will reply to email to notify other members the process of the task I am currently on. 5. I will attend meetings on time and notify other members before the meeting if I need to leave early. 6. I will notify the project members before my task is due if I’m having difficulty or need assistance. 7. I will contribute creative ideas, listen and be respectful of the opinions of others. 8. I will try my best ability to make this project the best of the best. 9. I will endeavour to support our achievement of a(n) “A” grade for the project. I recognize that I could be penalized and dropped from the group for not following the code of conduct or the project plan. Group 7 Signature: _______________________________ (Sile Lin) Signature: _______________________________ (Balik Baghdasarian) Signature: _______________________________ (Ravnit Bhullar) Signature: _______________________________ (Ismail Desai) Signature: _______________________________ (James Thompson)Project Plan Task Description Owner Due Date Status 1. Research How does ICT ALL Started enhance/erode social equality? 2. Research The use of ICT in ALL Started thi
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