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Information Technology Management
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ITM 500
Raymond Moss

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Steps to follow for new Erwin model Steps to follow to create a new Erwin Logical model Launch Erwin Data Modeler and under File menu select New and then Logical. 1. To select the correct notation from the menu : Model/Model Properties/General/ select Information Engineering option 2. Find the following icons on the top left -- Entity ( Rectangle),Identifying Relationship (Solid Line) and Non-Identifying Relationship (Broken Line) 3. To add an entity, click on the entity icon and drop on the model 4. To enter entity name, primary key and attributes use tab and enter keys. 4a Do not add attributes with (FK) designation. The software adds them automatically when a relationship is defined 4b. Attributes may be dragged and dropped and the short cut (right click) menu used for addtional editing 5. To add a relationship, click on the appropriate relationship icon and drag and
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