ITM500 - Midterm Preparation

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Information Technology Management
ITM 500
Raymond Moss

Midterm Preparation The test will be based on Weeks 2 , 3 and 4 - specifically the Inclass Examples and the Labs. There will be 15 SQL questions. A schema and sample data will be provided. The answers will be handwritten on paper and the test will have a 80 minute duration. Midterm review • When it says anywhere, u need both % on beginning and end such as o 1. List the details for all tournaments that have the characters "coast" anywhere in their name select * from Tournament where tourname like '%coast%' • When it says ends with, u put the % on beginning • When it is asking for position in a question, u need to put the ___ and then the # then % o Ex. lab 4 question 3 • 4 questions of counting o Find if ur counting rows, strings etc  Such as lab 3, question 6, 7, 8 o When it says different , u have to use distinct o U have to put count(teamname) in question 8 cuz or else it won’t be counting female members in teams, instead if u put count(*) then it will count all female members o is null means there is no value o is not null means there is value Week 4 in class • 2 reasons for combining table o Output information from another table • When it says select student.* it means u want to see the data in the student table not any other table • 7, 8 and 9 will not be on the midterm from Week4 class • When you put “as” it puts the data from one field to the other o For ex. if u write select * StdName as StdMajor, these means all the names will be listed under StdMajor field • Double quotes is used to put around object names • Single quotes is for characters like numbers, capital letters such as ‘FIN’ • != or <> means not equal • Between can be used only when its inclusive • If the question says to put the data in a certain order, u must use the order by statement • desc puts the data in descending order (highest to lowest) asc would be (lowest to highest) -In Class Week 2 -In Class Week 3 • %Business% means it can sta
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