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Information Technology Management
ITM 500
Raymond Moss

--Lab 4 --Use the GolfClub Database. --1 List the average barbill by member type. Sequence the output, highest to lowest average. select avg(Barbill) as "Average" , MemberType from Member group by MemberType order by avg(Barbill) desc --2 List the total barbill for each team but only show the teams where the total is less than $100 select sum(BarBill) as "Total" , Teamname from Member where teamname is not null group by Teamname having sum(BarBill) < 100 --3 List the details of all members that were entered in tournaments in 2006. Show each member only once select distinct m.* from Member M inner join Entry e on m.MemberId = e.MemberId where year = 2006 --4 List the member id and entry count for each member who has entered more than 2 tournaments in 2006 select MemberId, count(*) "Entry Count" from Entry where year = 2006 group by MemberId having count(*) > 2 --5 List the name of any team that has less than 5 players. select teamname from member where TeamName is not null group by TeamName having COUNT(*) < 5 --6 List the details for all members that have ever entered the Westcoast tournament. Show each member only once select distinct m.* from Member m inner join Entry e on e.MemberId = m.MemberId inner join Tournament t on e.TourId = t.TourId where TourName = 'Westcoast' --7. List the details for all teams an
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