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Information Technology Management
ITM 700
Jim Tam

Chapter 6 – Assuring Reliably and Secure IT Services Overall service availability is generally lower than the availability of individual components. a) True b) False Service availability increases as components are added in series a) True b) False If you have 5 components in parallel each at 98% availability what is its probability of failure a) 0.0000000032 b) 0.92236816 c) 0.0000839 d) 0.9238192 .02 x .02 x.02 x.02 x .02 High availability facilities does not include: a) N+1 and N+N redundancy b) Uninterrupitble electric power delivery c) Help desk and Incident response procedures d) IDS e) Network connectivity Network connectivity – external connection to internet backbone providers are redundant and involve at le
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