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Information Technology Management
ITM 700
Jim Tam

Chapter 8 – Managing IT Project Delivery 1. What are the important project dimensions that influence inherent implementation risk?  Project size – the larger the size the more risk  Experience with the technology – project risk increases when project team and company are unfamiliar with the technology  Requirements volatility – the nature of the task fully and clearly defines what is required of project outputs. Requirements are difficult to determine and tend to evolve throughout the project; outputs are fixed. 2. What is the difference between what people expect and what often happens at system cutover.  Performance dips and then exceeds. See figure 8.2 , p. 314  How well IT and business deal with cutover crises separates successful companies 3. Portfolio Risk – Why do project portfolios drift out of alignment with business strategy?  projects are usually conceived and financially justified one at a time not as a group  See figure 8.3 for risk and return distribution for a portfolio of projects. 4. What are the classical project phases  Analysis and design – determines the requirements for developing a new system or adapting a SW package or in-place system  Construction – Once requirement, costs, a
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