INT 902 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Times New Roman, Apa Style, Due Date

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Response Paper Worth 20% of your final grade
Due Date: Thursday June 9th, 2016
Choose one of the following articles to analyze:
“Normality, Power and Culture” Davis (2013) from week 5
“Disability and the Justification of Inequality in American History” Baynton (2013) from week 4
“Disability Definitions: The Politics of Meaning” Oliver (1990) from week 3
“Freaks and Queers” by Clare (2009) from week 1
This assignment has two parts. The goal is to get you engaged with the readings in a way that helps you
think about how to extract key themes of the articles and begin to think critically about what the
authors are saying based on other work you’ve read, your analysis and logic, and your own experience
and background knowledge.
Part 1
This part of your response paper should be a summary and critical reflection of the article you choose
and should make up roughly one half of your paper ( about 4 pages double spaced). In your critical
reflection you should respond to the following questions:
1. What is the author's thesis? Or What question does the author set out to explore and
2. What are the author's main arguments in developing this thesis/answering this question?
3. What assumptions, taken-for-granted ideas or 'common sense' beliefs about disability does
the author challenge?
4. What conclusion does the author reach?
5. Do you see a gap or a limitation in the author’s arguments?
Cite the paper you are basing part one of the assignment on, using proper APA formatting. The first
time you mention it you might say Oliver (1990) states that.... thereafter just refer to Oliver without
including the date (unless of course you end up referencing other works of his); but always use
quotations marks and page numbers for direct quotes, or just page numbers for paraphrasing - it is
better to be clear than risk the appearance of plagiarism!
Part 2
The second half of your paper is also about 4 pages double spaced. Here you will describe how your
home discipline defines "the problem of disability" generally, using the author’s arguments as a
find more resources at
find more resources at
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