ITM 100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Quality Management, Scareware, Web Server

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ITM100 – Midterm Notes
Week 1’s Readings (Chapter 1)
Information systems are important in daily life
Moore’s Law
oComputing power roughly doubles every 18 months
oMade by Gordon E. Moore and Carver Mead
oInitially an observation of semiconductors
oLed to introduction of PC, which lead to the rapid spread of World Wide
Web (WWW)
Information technology
oKey enabler to all organizations, impacts all business disciplines
oCollection of tools (hardware, software, connectivity) that enables
individuals or businesses to achieve their goals
Knowledge work
oInvolves discovery, analysis, transformation, synthesis, communication
of data, information, and knowledge
Information system
oOrganized collection of people, information, business processes,
information technology, designed to transform inputs to outputs in order
to achieve a goal
Businesses design their information systems to leverage human ability to
achieve business goals through timely and appropriate application of
technology, and the timely delivery of appropriate and useful data,
information, and knowledge
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oIntegral part of personal and business lives for communication,
information, commerce
oGenerates business value by making it possible for professionals to
share information between themselves and with business partners
oProvides newsgroups, chat rooms, bulletin boards, texting, email, instant
oInternet generates value by being an avenue for the buying and selling
of goods
oUse of information systems, technology, computer networks by
individuals and organizations to create business value
Impossible to be a fully function professional today and not use personal
productivity tools or have a basic understanding of the internet
Information technology knowledge can be a key contributor to success
Cannot work effectively in only knowledge-intense profession today without
superior systems
Organizations use information technology to increase efficiency and reduce
Business means an organization who:
oDecide on common goals to pursue
oWork together to locate and organized resources
oCreate processes to achieve desired goals
Businesses’ primary goal is to generate economic value over a period of time
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Business environment is:
oA complex collection of political, economic, social, technological factors
that leaders consider when making decisions
Organizations rely on digital information to gain a competitive advantage and
to respond quickly to opportunities
oUse Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Provides analytical and visualization tools to support and enhance
decision making and planning
Enables managers to make data-based decisions and to discover
new business opportunities through the use of its tools
oUse Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
Integrates and standardizes processes, and centralizes and
standardizes the storage and management of data
Reduces costs associated with duplication of processes and effort
Minimizes decision-making mistakes due to multiple versions of
the same data, information, and knowledge
oUse Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)
Captures and processes transactions to make them available to
the organization
If a business cannot track its transactions, it will have no way of
making decisions about the success or failure of its business
oUse Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Integrates data collection, transformation, storage, and analysis
of customer transaction data, including purchase, service
requests, and other forms of customer contact
Greatly increases the understanding of customers’ purchasing
and service behaviors and needs
Facilitates the timely and proactive management of customers
IT has contributed to globalization on a social level
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