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Chapter 1: the role of information systems in business today. If you make wise choices, your firm will outperform competitors. If you make poor choices, you will be wasting valuable capital. Microsoft helps to coordinate work, communicate with employees, and provide information for decision making: growing business use of big data: uses online collaboration to make better and faster decision. Also to coordinate suppliers and shipments, satisfy customers and manage employees. Internet has reduced the cost of operating and transacting on a global scale. communication is now instant and virtual free, finding low cost distributers online. Large firms derive half of their revenues from foreign operations. The emerging digital firm: digital firm: the organization"s significant business relationship with customers, suppliers, and employees are digitally, enabled and mediated. Key corporate assets: intellectual property, core competencies, financial human assets. Digital firms sense and respond to their environment far more rapidly and the traditional firms, giving the more flexibility to survive turbulent times.

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