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ITM 102 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Identity Management, Online Banking, Information Technology Management

Information Technology Management
Course Code
ITM 102
Vikraman Baskaran
Study Guide

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Question 1
!!Jimmy Clark is sitting home one night and is very bored. He gets on his
computer and starts to surf the net. He comes to a military site. He thinks
he might be able to get around the security of the site and into the
military computer system. He spends the next two hours trying to find his
way into their system. Jimmy is ________.!
Answer: !a hacker!
!Question 2
!!Application controls
Answer: !can be classified as input controls, processing controls, and
output controls
Question 3
!!The potential for unauthorized access is usually limited to the
communications lines of a network.
Answer: False
!Question 4
!!Many firms spend heavily on security because it is directly related to sales
Answer: False!
!Question 5
!!Fault-tolerant computers contain redundant hardware, software, and
power supply components.!
Answer: True!
!Question 6!
DoS attacks are used to destroy information and access restricted areas
of a company's information system.!
Answer: False
!Question 7
!!Popular IM applications for consumers do not use a secure layer for text
messages, so they can be intercepted and read by outsiders during
transmission over the public Internet.
Answer: True
!Question 8!
!!SSL is a protocol used to establish a secure connection between two
Answer: True!
!Question 9
!!________ consists of business processes and software tools for identifying
the valid users of a system and controlling their access to system
Answer: !Identity management!
Question 10
!!________ use scanning software to look for known problems such as bad
passwords, the removal of important files, security attacks in progress,
and system administration errors.!
Answer: !Intrusion detection systems
Question 11
!!The WEP specification calls for an access point and its users to share the
same 40-bit encrypted password.!
Answer: True
!Question 12
!!A firewall is a combination of hardware and software that controls the
flow of incoming and outgoing network traffic.
Answer: True!
!Question 13
!!Authentication refers to the ability to know that a person is who he or she
claims to be
Answer: True
!Question 14!
!!Downtime refers to periods of time in which a!
Answer: !computer system is not operational
Question 15
!!Analysis of an information system that rates the likelihood of a security
incident occurring and its cost is included in a(n)!
Answer: !risk assessment
Question 16!
!!John clicks into his online banking Web site. He is all ready to type in his
password when he notices that something is just not right. Upon further
examination he notices that it is not the actual bank site but one that
looks almost identical. John was almost a victim of ________.!
Answer: !spoofing!
!Question 17!
!!An analysis of the firm's most critical systems and the impact a system's
outage would have on the business is included in a(n)!
Answer: !business impact analysis
Question 18!
!!Businesses must protect not only their own information assets but also
those of ________.
Answer: !customers. employees, and business partners!