ITM 407 Study Guide - Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Integrated Circuit Layout Design Protection

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Intellectual Property
Read the first reading on Intellectual Property and consider the following questions:
1. What is property and how has our concept of property changed with intellectual
- Property
o it is a complex word
o there are practical limitations to the number of physical object one can own
o it plays a fundamental role in shaping a society and in preserving its legal
o It is originally is referred to land, but it also include any object that an
individual holds (such as computer, car, house, shoes, clothing)
o The Relationship between individuals in references to things
a. An individual, X
b. An object, Y
c. The relationship between the individual and object, Z
- Intellectual Property
o They are object that are not tangible, like creative works, inventions,
expression of idea
o They are also known as Nonexclusionary
o An intellectual objet has to do with exactly what it is one can lay legal claim to
o It can be easily reproduced
- Anglo American Law
o The property right is a type of “natural right” that should be granted to
individuals for the products that result from the labor expended
o The theory is that the property rights is a based on social constructs to help
2. Do you think that copying software is wrong?
- I think copying software is wrong because lots of people and money have spent lots
of time and effort on the software and also both from a legal and ethical perspective it
is wrong
3. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office manages five different categories of
intellectual property:
- Copyright, patent, trade mark, industrial design, integrated circuit
Access their web site, click on the specific aspect of IP such as copyright and step through the
short presentation that describes what it is and how it is managed.
Read the second reading on Intellectual Property that specifically focuses on software.
Specifically refer to Table 8.2 and three different philosophical theories on why we should
protect property.
1. What is the Open Source Software movement? What is the philosophy
behind it?
- The open source software movement is when to make the source code for the software
products to be “open” or freely accessible
- It will improve the quality of the software products that eventually went to market
- Stealing a tangible object is morally wrong
- Making an unauthorized copy of proprietary software is identical to stealing a tangible object
2. What is the "Common Good" approach and how does it relate to preserving
the "Intellectual Commons"?
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