ITM 407 Study Guide - Digital Divide

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The Concept of Community
Read Tavani Chapter 6 pg 191 - 197 and consider the following question:
1) How have online communities affected our traditional notion of “community”?
- Online communities allows us to community with people all around the world, which means
that it is expanding the relationship between people and also expanding the amount of people
in your community
- It can surpass physical and geographic boundaries
- News forms of communications (Social Media, Blogs)
2) What are the positive and negative features of online communities?-
- facilitated social polarization (because of the very narrow focus of some groups),
- minimized the kind of face-to-face communications (that have defined traditional
- facilitated anonymity and deception (thereby enabling some forms of socially and
morally object
Following on from this week’s lecture, let’s consider the concept of social equality. What factors did we
traditionally consider in trying to provide those in our communities with equal opportunities - e.g.
education, healthcare, etc. and has that changed with the proliferation of ICT?
The Concept of Social Equality
Read the excerpt from a chapter in your text on Social Equality and the Digital Divide found in the course
readings and consider the following question:
Do you think we have an obligation to make cybertechnology accessible to everyone in our
communities? - Will cause the lack of general knowledge, unable to improve their knowledge
- It wouldn’t allow people to share their knowledge with others, and which will cause
the creation of new inventions and ideas
- Distributive justice “people have the ability to basic rights”
- Unable to make effective and efficient decision making
- Lack on economic growth
- Unable to work, which may cause health issues
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