ITM 407 Study Guide - Deontological Ethics

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Individuals often shy away from moral discourse. What are some of the objections that are raised and how can we
combat (fight) them? Table 2-2 summaries four objections that individuals raise on why it is pointless to engage in
moral discussions. Review the table and consult the previous section for additional clarification.
This week we were introduced to the use of backing to support our arguments and we focused on using
one of four ethical approaches to support our argument. Why do we need ethical theories? Read section
2.3 to find out. Table 2-3 summarizes the four ethical theories that we used in the week 2
workshop. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? For further clarification on each of the
theories consult the previous section.
The week 2 lecture notes summarized Maner’s eight unique characteristics of computers that we
should be aware of. We discussed “uniquely cloned” and “uniquely coded” in class. What risks
do each of the unique characteristics raise that we should be aware of?
Maner Unique Ethical Problems in IT Pg 9-21
1. Storage representing information digitally
o If storage digitally, there are possible chances of theft
2. Malleability - capable of logically manipulating inputs to produce outputs
o There is no restriction
o It is the same thing as an open source code
3. Complexity ability to deal with more complexity than the human brain
o Since human create and handle computer, it is not an advantage for the computer to be
more complex and hard to understand, for the humans
4. Speed fast calculation and distribution
o There are possible chances of error, he going too fast
o The system may crash
o Fast speed is never the best solution, because work can be done more effectively when
done slowly
5. Cost wide availability
o There are chance to spend more money than its value
o If the work is not done on time, it costs more money and time to fix
6. Ability to clone exactly like the original
o There is no fact of one by the original
o The original product loss value, because there are duplicates
7. Discreteness small changes don’t necessarily make a small impact
8. Coding need the expertise and the technology to decode
o Only readable by experts
o It is not natural language