ITM 407 Study Guide - Final Guide: Arette, Eharmony, Lawrence Lessig

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Social Equality do we have a responsibility
Do you think we have an obligation to make cybertechnology accessible to everyone in our
Jeremy Moss says that without access to cybertechnology people r unfairly disadvantaged
their access to knowledge is significantly reduced
o so ppl are not able to benefit from the information that is available on the Internet
so they r falling behind in the information era
their ability to participate fully in the political decision-making process & to receive
important information is diminished
o since some ppl live in remote areas & if there is no Internet access there, they
may not be able to at all participate in the national voting or they may not receive
important information about matters & policies that can have an effect on them
their economic possibilities r held back
o Since so much wealth is in the information & communication sector, ppl living
countries that do not have access to Internet r disadvantaged in this way
Software Development can software be unethical, unintentional power
What does Huff mean by unintentional power and why should we be aware of it as ICT
solution providers?
By unintentional power Huff means that designers design systems in a way in which its
main intention is to do good for the users but unintentionally harms the users
We should be aware of it because our design of a program could have negative impacts
because of a negligent mistake we made as ICT solution providers
o As a result we must always look into conditions our products will be used (for
instance in the case of Therac-25, designers failed to comply with that part as a
result several people died)
o Also as designers of safety-critical systems, we must take more limitations into
account before letting users use the system
As said earlier, one little mistake can have a greater negative effect
o We can follow 3 steps in addressing issues
Recognize the problem & attempt to limit its domain
Find the problem & try to limit the domain where it can cause a
problem & then address the problem within those limited domains
Use developing methods to inform yourself of those effects worth
The use of a social impact statement can help u to determine what
sorts of effects u shud care about as well as investigate the
restrictions that will guide your solution
Make provision in the life-cycle of software to look for the effects
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