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LAW 122
Shavin Malhotra

Description architect-says-building-was-never-meant-for-factories.html factory-disaster/ factories-1.1318872 1. An organization that has experienced a publically known ‘concern’is Ether Tex Limited Garments factory situated in Bangladesh. After its tragic collapse on 24thApril 2013, following the death of over 1100 people, it is now considered to be one of the most lethal garment-factory industrial accident in record. building-collapse/1127430 deadly 2. The concern that can be identified in this case is managerial ignorance and safety. The desired state is being able to safely operate garment factories without having to risk the workers' lives and offer them fair wage. However, the current state is still devastating as many workers did not receive compensation for their loss and a lot of brands affiliated with this garment factory refused to get involved. The rate of recovery is so slow that even after six months of the collapse, 94 percent of the survivors and families did not receive any legal benefit or sick pay- reported by ActionAid 3. The Stakeholders that have a vested interest in addressing this concern are the owner of the Rana Plaza building Sohel Rana, management of Rana Plaza, Owner of the garment factories, the victims of this tragic accident and their families, the brands who outsource their clothing from this garment factory, the government of Bangladesh, the engineers, supervisor and inspectors. 4. a) The background information of Ether Tex limited is the following: Ether Tex limited is a private limited company located in Bangladesh, outside its capital Dhaka, a city called Savar. It can be found on the 5th floor of the Rana Plaza building. This organization was established in 2008. It deals in 100% export oriented garments industry. Ether Tex supplied its customer with completed Cargo Pant, Sami Cargo, Swimwear, Basic Shorts, Dress Pant, Chino Pant, Heavy Jeans, Basic Denim Trouser, jacket, etc. The organizational factors that were at the heart of the issue are the ignorance of the management and the disregarded safety procedure. The strategy Ether Tex limited follows is low skill/ low wage strategy while completing orders in time and providing its clients with best material. The environment this organization dealt with was very unsupportive for the employees as there was a high demand for their position in the job market.As they were not well off economically, they had to agree to everything their employer asked them to do so . The surrounding environment was not healthy. There were no place in between the neighbouring building and the Rana Plaza building . Due to this reason, the firefighters had to rescue from different entrance. Additionally the clients of this organization are of high profile. The employers were always in constant pressure to complete their orders timely and making quality product at the lowest cost possible.A list of their customers can be listed below: The rapid growth of the garment industry was one of the key reasons behind the speedy construction of factories, habitually at the cost of adhering to building codes. Building construction laws were not followed neither was labour law. The customers of this factory never conducted inspection in any of the factories, no safety standard was set up; the employees were not granted their rights to say no.Additionally, the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) declared to take responsibility of monitoring the member factories regularly for safety compliance. Though, the extent of the regulation being forced was unclear. Source: The resources this factory dealt with includes 530 employees with production capacity of 960,000 pcs per year. It had 4 production units within the space of 20,000 Square ft and over 302 heavy machinery. The building did not have enough exits per floor, in fact the main exit was closed at the time of the collapse of the building.Also, there were no fire extinguishers inside the building during the time of collapse. List of machinery can be listed below: The context of this organization's tragic fall can be described below. Ether Tex garment is one of the five factories that operated in the Rana Plaza building. The architect of the building, Massood Reza said he was only asked to design a shopping mall of four storeys back in 2004.As it was not designed for industrial use, the owners of the building and factory were informed about the risks prior to putting factories in the building. Ignoring all the notices, the management decided to build additional four storeys without permit. First floor consists of a few shops and banks and the rest is occupied by Ether Tex garment factory and the other four. The day before the collapse of the building, some cracks were already visible on the wall. The reason behind is that the structure of the building is not physically strong enough to withhold the weight and vibration of the heavy machinery. Inspectors visited the building and after the inspection, the building was declared to be unsafe and be evacuated immediately. The shops and banks employees were dismissed right away. However, because of the pressure of the order completion on time, the supervisor of Ether Tex falsely claimed the building to be safe after the inspection. They even forced the workers to go back to work by threatening them to withhold a month's salary for those who refuse to attend work. Ether Tex never applied any safety precautions at work. Furthermore, during the time of rescuing the survivors, weapons and drugs were found in the building. b) Job/task: This terrible tragedy occurring in Bangladesh could have easily been reduced if the employers did not force the employees to return to work the next morning in the first place to meet the deadline of the order completion. Furthermore, if the employees knew what procedures to follow, the impact could have been a lot less severe. There has been many incidents similar to this in the past where no one was aware of safety precautions. One of the job that is associated with this concern at hand is Production worker Ether Tex Ltd. Savar, Bangladesh Salary: $30.00 per month Anticipated Start Date: As soon as possible Location: Rana Plaza (5th Floor), B-36 Mazidpur Bus Stand : Savar, Dhaka-1340, Bangladesh. Experience: No experience needed. Will be trained Weight Handling: Up to 13.5 kg (30 lbs) Most frequent and important aspect of the job is that involves the works in doing repetitive work such as operating machines a
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