LAW 122 Study Guide - Final Guide: Professional Liability Insurance, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Paralegal

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We will continue to focus on risk mgt how a person can reduce their risks that are associated with: litigation: is the system of resolving disputes in court. As a general rule, every adult is free to use the canadian courts, whether or not they are canadian litigations. citizens. For e. g. it is possible for an american consumer to sue a canadian comp. for delivering shoddy goods. A corporation is classified as a person; therefore a company can sue or be sued. In contrast, an un-incorporated organization, i. e. a church, are not classified a person, thus cannot sue/ be sue. Rather one can sue the individual members of these org. It is sometimes too much trouble or too costly for an individual like yourself to sue an org. For e. g. consumer gas company sold natural gas to business and homeowners in ontario. As a part of a pricing scheme, they imposed a 5% penalty on bills paid late.

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