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122 Midterm: Law midterm questions.docx

Law and Business
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LAW 122
Stan Benda
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Law midterm questions:
What paortions of the charter applies to person and companies….section 15 only applies
to indivudals: true
Can you opt out of the charter: true
Both the Canadian and American constiitutions protct private party: false
Riot in toronto destructions and ur stuff gets banged up…false exclusion clause
Substantive evdnetive amdminstrative and procedural
Picketing a hospital and let ambulance in: true classic case over law and equity
SCC decide what case they want to hear
Dispute resoulution is confidential: true
Get a equital in one tort court and guilty criminal- true
Injury at work: false workers compensation
Trial of court, all provincial courts are one judge and all appleant courts start at 3 5 7=
Intrusion vs. invasion of privacy
Onest of proff and burden of proff- true
Purpose of discovery system for early settlement: true
Losing side isPaying for winning side: true
Fed ex is liable then employee
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