LAW 122 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Contributory Negligence, Intentional Tort, Professional Negligence In English Law

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Intentional torts: when a person intentionally acts in a defined wrongful way (intent to harm, intent to act) Intent to act= body, liberty, property, chattel (my stuff) Intent to harm= economic/business interests (economic losses, contractual relations) False imprisonment (restraint of a person in a bounded area without justification or consent) Interference with chattels (an item of property other than real estate) Conspiracy(when two or more defendants agree to act together with the primary purpose of causing the plaintiff to suffer a financial loss) *business tort. Intimidation (when the plaintiff suffers a loss as a result of the defendant"s threat to commit an unlawful act against either the plaintiff or a third party) *business tort. Interference with contractual relations (when the defendant disrupts a contract that exists between the plaintiff and a third part) *business tort. Unlawful interference with economic relations (defendant commits an unlawful act for the purpose of causing the plaintiff to suffer an economic loss) *business tort.

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