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LAW 603 Midterm: LAW603 Exam 2

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Law and Business
LAW 603
George Ellinidis

Table of Contents Negotiable Instruments: PG 2 Textbook Cases PG 15 5 Required Instruments Elements: PG 2 Bankruptcy PG 16 Negotiable Instruments Chart PG 2 Insolvency PG 16 Cheques PG 3 Assignment + Bankruptcy Order PG 17 Bills of Exchange PG 4 Corporate Bankruptcy PG 18 Types of Draft PG 4 Officials in Bankruptcy PG 19 Promissory Notes PG 45 Submitting Application for Bankruptcy Acceleration Clause PG 5 Order PG 19 Negotiation: Transferable PG 5 Bankruptcy Order PG 20 BearerOrder Notes PG 5 Taking Possession PG 13 Promissory Notes Liability PG 5 Disposition of Collateral PG 13 Secured Transactions PG 6 Commercially Reasonable PG 13 Security Interests 6 Keeping Collateral PG 13 Creation of Security Interests PG 6 Debtor Gets Collateral Back PG 13 Conditional Sale PG 7 Security Interest Transfer Exceptions 14 Consignment PG 7 Guarantees PG 14 Lease PG 8 Relieved from Liability PG 1415 Accounts Receivable PG 8 Textbook Cases PG 15 GSA: General Security Agreement PG 8 Bankruptcy PG 16 PPSA Exemptions: Commercial Landlord Deemed Trust PG 8 Insolvency PG 16 RepairStorage Lien PG 10 Assignment + Bankruptcy Order PG 17 Attachment + Registration = Perfection PG 10 Corporate Bankruptcy PG 18 Priority PG 11 Officials in Bankruptcy PG 19 Unperfected Security Interest PG 11 Submitting Application for Bankruptcy PMSI PG 11 Order PG 19 Transfer of Collateral PG 12 Bankruptcy Order PG 20 23 Rule PG 12 Exempt Property PG 20 Default by Debtor PG 12 Distribution of Assets PG 20 Taking Possession PG 13 Creditor EntitlementsClasses 2021 Disposition of Collateral PG 13 Pro Rata Sharing PG 22 Commercially Reasonable PG 13 DischargedNonDischargeable Debt 22 Keeping Collateral PG 13 Prohibited PreBankruptcy Transaction 22 Debtor Gets Collateral Back PG 13 Proposals PG 22 Security Interest Transfer Exceptions PG 14 Approval Requirements PG 23 Guarantees PG 14 Textbook Cases PG 24 Relieved from Liability PG 1415
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