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Published on 13 Feb 2013
MHR 405 Chapter 1/ Lec 1 Notes
Figure 1.1 Open systems perspective of organizations
Organizational Behaviour (OB): The study of what people think, feel, and do in and around
Organizations: Groups of people who work interdependently toward some purpose. -Collective entity.
-Collective sense of purpose.
Why Study OB? Helps us to test personal theories, Understand and predict and influence behaviour
get things done OB improves and organizations financial health OB is for everyone, everywhere
starting now
Organizational Effectiveness: a broad concept represented by several perspectives, including the
organization’s fit with the external environment, internal subsystems configuration for high
performance, emphasis on organizational learning, and ability to satisfy the needs of key stake holders.
Open systems: A perspective which holds that organizations depend on the external environment for
resources, affect that environment through their output, and consist of internal subsystems that
transform inputs into outputs
Organizational Efficiency: The amount of
outputs relative to inputs in the organization’s
transformation process
Organizational learning: A perspective which
holds that organizational effectiveness depends
on the organization’s capacity to acquire, share,
use and store valuable knowledge.
4 organizational learning processes
Knowledge acquisition
Environment scanning
Individual learning
Knowledge sharing
Information systems
Knowledge use
Knowledge awareness
Sense making
Knowledge storage
Human memory
Practices/ habits
4 Perspectives of organizational effectiveness (note: need to consider all 4 perspectives when assessing a company’s effectiveness)
- Open systems Perspective
- Organizational Learning Perspective
- High- performance WP perspective
-Stakeholder perspective
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