MHR 405 Study Guide - Nonverbal Communication, Emotional Contagion, Interactive Media

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Published on 5 Mar 2013
Lec 5
MHR 405- Chapter 9
Communication: The process by which information is transmitted and understood between two or more
Emotional Contagion: The
nonconscious process of ‘catching’
or sharing another person’s
emotions by mimicking that person’s
expressions and other nonverbal
How Email Has Altered Communication
Now preferred medium for
coordinating work
Tends to increase communication
Significantly alters communication flow
Reduces some selective attention
Communicates emotions poorly
Reduces politeness and respect (flaming)
Inefficient for ambiguous, complex, novel situations
Increases information overload
Non-verbal Communication:
Influences meaning of verbal symbols
Less rule bound than verbal communication
Most is automatic and nonconscious
Figure 9.1 The communication Process Model
Figure 1.2 Functions of Communicating through Social media
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