MHR 523 Midterm: MHR midterm notes

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Organizations social inventions for accomplishing common goals through group effort: social invention refers to the presence of people. They have to work together to accomplish a goal. Their job is to: ensure the company hires the best people available, develops their talent, creates a productive work environment, continually builds and monitors these human assets. Human capital the knowledge, education, training, skills, and expertise of an organization"s workforce. Hr practices: profit sharing, results-orientated performance assessment, employment security. Hr staff & expectations towards their roles have evolved as hrm changed. Hr practices have been shaped by society"s prevailing beliefs & attributes about work and their rights. These were expected to lead to higher wages for workers, increase profit for company"s, and workplace harmony: views were not accepted by all management theorists. The human resources movement: concern for people & productivity (early. 1900s today: hrm is based on the theory of human resources movement.