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MHR 523 Study Guide - Final Guide: Elderly Care, Absenteeism

36 Pages
Spring 2014

Human Resources
Course Code
MHR 523
Anne Hardacre
Study Guide

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Orientation, Training, Development 16/07/2014
Explain the process of onboarding and its importance.
Onboarding – Process of integrating and acculturating new employees into the organization and providing them
with the tools, resources, and knowledge to become successful and productive
Orientation, socialization, and training and development activities
Help employees build relationships with peers and experienced workers, to help them feel welcome, to understand
the culture, and to leverage the skills and talent that a new hire brings
Deliver business results, increase employee engagement, reduce the time a new hire takes to get up to speed in their
List the key components of an employee orientation program.
Orientation – Program that familiarizes new employees with their roles, the organization, its policies, and other
Reduce turnover
Reduce errors, save time
Develop clear job and organizational expectations; improves job performance
Attain acceptable job performance levels faster
Increase organizational stability
Reduce employee anxiety
Reduce grievances
Reduce instances of corrective discipline measures
Key components:
Organizational Issues
History, organizational structure, executives, employee’s title and department, physical facilities, probationary period,
HR Related Topics
Pay scales and paydays, vacations and holidays, training and education benefits, employee benefits, insurance,
retirement, EAP services and counselling
Role Expectations & Performance
Job location, tasks, safety requirements, overview, objectives & accountabilities, relationship to other jobs,
internal/external customers
Describe the importance of training as part of the long-range strategy of an organization.
Companies compete in a global economy – fast-changing environment
Global competition has forced companies to flatten structures and reduce employees
Need to foster life-long learning to attract and retain multi-skilled employees
Training is needed to work effectively with diverse employees
Developments in information technologies require new skills and training strategies
A true learning organization is one that is skilled at sreating, acquiring, interpreting, transferring, and retaining
knowledge, one that adapts to change successfully by leveraging its knowledge base
A sustainable organization understands how to successfully tap its knowledge base and optimize resources;
understands how important HR is in creating processes that support the development of individuals and establishes a
program to optimize the talents of its employees
Knowledge is a vital resource and must be captured; employees have a thirst for knowledge
Explain different approaches to needs analysis in designing training and development programs.
Needs assessment – Diagnosis that presents problems and future challenge that can be met through training or
Needs may be determined by HR department, supervisors, or self-nomination
Production records, quality control reports, grievances, safety reports, absenteeism, turnover statistics, and exit
interviews may indicate problems that should be addressed through training and development efforts
Needs can be apparent from career planning, development discussions, or performance appraisal reviews
Training objectives should state:
Desired behaviour
Conditions under which it is to occur
Acceptable performance criteria
Explain the principles of learning and how this knowledge impacts the choices of training
Learning Principles:
Participation: Learning is quick and more long-lastly when learner can participate actively
Repetition: Etches a pattern into a memory
Relevance: Learning is helped when material to be learned is meaningful
Transference – Applicability of training to job situations; evaluated by how readily the trainee can transfer the
learning to the job
The closer the demands of the training program match the demands of the job, the faster a person learns to master
the job
Feedback: Motivated learners can adjust their behaviour to achieve the quickest possible learning curve
Best training method depends on:
Cost effectiveness
Desired program content
Appropriateness of the facilities
Trainee preferences and capabilities
Trainer preferences and capabilities
Learning principles

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