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MHR623 Final: mhr 623 final review

Human Resources
Course Code
MHR 623
Genevieve Farrell
Study Guide

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Leadership: leading and supporng a team to achieve results
- Sets an example for team members
- Establishes goals for team members
- Recognizes all contribuons
- Provides construcve feedback
Coaching: Providing mely guidance and feedback to help team members strengthen their knowledge
needed to complete necessary tasks
- Clari#es any queson team members may have
- Expresses con#dence in team members
- Gives mely and e&ecve feedback
- Tailors feedback to the individual
Innovaon: trying di&erent and novel ways to deal with work problems and opportunies
- Explores di&erent lines of thought
- Brainstorms mulple approaches
- Examines numerous soluons and evaluates each before accepng any
- Draws upon di&erent sources for knowledge, inspiraon and ideas
Flexibility: able to adapt to and work with a variety of situaons, individuals and groups
- Demonstrates willingness to change ideas
- Responds e&ecvely to changing circumstances
- Makes reasonable adjustments for maximum e&ecveness
Risk Management: Idenfying, assessing and managing risk while aiming for objecves
- Conducts ongoing risk analysis
- Provides a supporve environment for reasonable risk taking
- Assists in decision making when risk taking is a factor
- Ancipates risks involved in taking acon
Results Orientaon: Constantly achieving results associated with the organizaon’s objecves
- Leads by example
- Movates team members to follow his/her example
- Pushes for improved results in own performance
- Seeks challenges
Planning: Establishing course of acon for self and others to ensure work is properly completed
- Priorizes me and resources
- Prepares necessary resources well in advance
Time Management: E&ecvely manages one’s me and resources to ensure work is completed e3ciently
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