MHR 741 Study Guide - Final Guide: Interpersonal Communication, Rapidfire, Information Seeking

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Chapter 4 building relationships by communicating supportively. Positive interpersonal relationships strengthen immune system, help people perform better in tasks, learn more effectively. Most important skill in building and strengthening relationships is ability to communicate in a way that enhances feelings of trust, openness and support. Interpersonal communication focuses on accuracy of information being communicated. Supportive communication seeks to preserve or enhance a positive relationship between you and another person while still addressing a problem, giving negative feedback, or tackling a difficult issue. Coaching managers pass along advice, information or they set standards to help others improve their work skills (focus on abilities) Counseling managers help others recognize and address problems involving their level of understanding, emotions, or personalities (focus on attitudes) Supportive communication engenders feelings of support, understanding, and helpfulness. It helps overcome the two main obstacles resulting from poor interpersonal communication: defensiveness. One individual feels threatened or attacked as a result of the communication.