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Module 3

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MKT 100
Paul Finlayson

MODULE 3 CODE OF ETHICS Answer the right question, to answer them well must process an understanding of what ethics and social responsibilities are about and fundamental principles and philosophies that underlie ethics To accept or answer criticism of marketing, need to develop deeper appreciation of issues involved Codes of ethics often stated in general; leaves specific interpretation Ethics ombudsman: someone senior in organization that mangers can go to and know that they will receive sympathetic hearing; someone who can help them with quandary, take up the concern and protect them from negative repercussions A PERSONAL ETHICS CHECKLIST Ethical vigilance: paying constant attention to whether ones actions are right or wrong Important to confront excuses and reasons for violating personal ethics Leads to recognition that most of us have at least two codes of ethics: 1. Set of espouse and want others to apply in their behaviour towards us 2. Code of ethics, whatever rationalization, we actually live by UNDERSTANDING MARKETING ETHICS When ethical codes break down, societies cease to function and ultimately collapse from within or under exte
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