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MKT 100
Marla Spergel

MKT100 - Metrics Mastery Worksheets Worksheet: Metric 2 Percentage Change 1) Ed’s is a small deli, which has had great success in its second year of operation. Revenues in Year 2 are $570,000, compared with $380,000 in Year 1. What is Ed’s year-over-year sales growth rate? Answer: Year-over-Year Sales Growth = (Year 2 – Year 1) / Year 1 * 100% = ($570,000 - $380,000) / $380,000 * 100% = 50% 2) A small retain chain posts impressive percentage growth figures, moving from $58 million to $107 million in sales from one year to the next. Despite this dynamic growth, however, analysts cast doubt on the firm’s business model, warning that its existing stores’ growth measure suggests that its concept is failing. Based on the chart below, and assuming that stores were opened on the first day of Years 1 and 2: What is the retail chain’s year-over-year sales growth rate? What is the year-over- year sales growth or decrease for each store, as appropriate? What is the same store (existing and not expansion) year-over- year growth? Stor Opene Revenue Year 1 Revenue Year 2 e d (millions) (millions) A Year 1 $10 $9 B Year 1 $19 $20 C Year 1 $20 $15 D Year 1 $9 $11 E Year 2 n/a $15 F Year 2 n/a $12 G Year 2 n/a $7 H Year 2 n/a $18 $58 $107 Answer: Chain-wide Year-over-Year Sales Growth = (Year
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