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MKT 100

1 sdcSustainability yess Influences: - Environmental - Economical - Social Why was sustainable fashion created? - One of the largest global industry - Development of fast fashion - Increased consumption: perceived obsolescence (you don’t need to have clothes break-down or wear out for people to buy new clothes) - Negative environmental & social impacts Industrial Revolution - Birth of mass production - Started because of clothing & textiles (Mechanical looms, first factories) - Lowered cost of textiles (Paper patter, home sewing machine, department stores, malls) *1800’s-1900’s Fast Fashion (characteristics) - On trend - Cheap - Low quality - Disposable - Limited - Rapid style turnover (new styles weekly) • Industry created The Evolution of Fast Fashion - Start 80’s, took off in late 90’s - Move to offshore production (Cheap labor, sweatshops, less regulations) - Large volume/low quality - Loss of 2 season model S/S & F/W (continuous product replenishment, monthly and weekly changes) hah Consumption - Cheap clothes = More Clothes - Low quality/trendy= Short Life Span - Perceived obsolescence = Disposable - Fast fashion= Disposable Fashion *Clothing made only to last a certain amount of time Consumption - Trends - 2000: Global consumption over $1 Trillion US - 2002: Canadians spent $21 Billion - 2004: $326 billion US on garments - 2006: $61 billion British - 2009: CAD $24 billion Consumption - Emerging middle class (Asia) - Growing global population Consumption – Produc
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