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MKT 100

Name: BBI Introduction to Business – Marketing – Pop Can Assignment For this assignment, you will be creating a new soda pop or a fruit can brand and developing a marketing strategy for it using the 4 Ps and 2 Cs. Part 1: You will create a new soda pop/ fruit drink can design, utilizing information and communication technology. Measure the size of pop can label you will need and work within these dimensions ( text box height 4.5 and length 8.25 inches) within the assigned software and create a design for a pop can that includes the following information: 1. Brand Name 2. Logo (trademark) 3. Slogan 4. Content amount/size (355 ml) 5. Bar Code 6. Recycling symbol 7. List of ingredients (you decide) 8. Nutritional Facts (you decide) Your finished design should have a distinctive style that is colourful and attractive to the potential consumer. Remember to take a look at soda pop can designs currently in the marketplace to see some good examples. This assignment will receive marks for communication and marks for application. Note: You need to bring a clean empty pop can to class to put your new label on for display and submission purposes. When you hand in your work, cut out the design that is sized to fit around the pop can, and adhere it to the clean, empty pop can. Intrapersonal Interpersonal Linguistic Logical Write a letter to a Prepare a Prepare a creative Prepare a business CEO explaining the presentation for your written piece, such as report. You must benefits of your teacher. Use your a newspaper article. include the information product. Make sure creativity. Make sure You must include the listed below under Part to include the to include the information listed 2. information listed information listed below under Part 2. below under Part 2. below under Part 2. Visual/Spatial Kinesthetic Musical Naturalist Design a poster or (groups of max 4) Write a slogan & a Design a scrapbook to brochure. Use your song including the go with your drink. creativity. Make Create a information listed Make sure to include sure to include the skit/play/video that below under Part 2. the information listed information listed details Part 2. Make Make sure you cover below under Part 2. In below under Part 2. sure that you explain all the required addition, discuss the their importance. content in the song. environmental impact of your soda pop/fruit can design. Page 1 of 3 Name: Part 2: You must now develop a strategy to market your soda pop, fruit drink or energy drink. You must discuss the 4 P’s and the 2 C’s of marketing in detail (use the notes you created from your 4 P’s and the 2 C’s note taking assignment and refer to the text pages listed below). The 4 P’s: 1. Product: describe the quality, features, benefits and
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